Gary Greer

Gary Greer



T: 01270 623731

As Senior Partner at Afford Bond, Gary’s role is both client facing and strategic. He joined the firm and became a Partner in 1986 playing a key role in shaping the practice that we see today. Gary manages a diverse client base mainly drawn from the SME sector and has a strong background in providing sound commercial business advice and the utilisation of bespoke management information systems. Gary has also been significantly involved in the delivery of innovative tax planning solutions to a wide variety of organisations. His current mission is to assist small and medium sized businesses to fully understand the wide variety of options and positive opportunities available to them in managing the new Pension Auto Enrolment Compliance Regulations.

Sport, in various forms, has always played a major role in Gary’s life and this focus influences his approach to business. Golf is a particular passion and his determination to win very much brings his competitive instinct to the fore. A family man and keen sailing enthusiast has seen them all enjoy many an adventure in uncharted territory.