Jeff Atkinson

Jeff Atkinson



T: 01270 623731

Jeff's path to partnership at Afford Bond saw him qualify as an accountant with a leading independent firm based in Sheffield. This was followed by heading up a successful commercial IT enterprise. Jeff's path back to accountancy led him to Afford Bond where he has successfully undertaken a number of role’s culminating in his current position as practice partner.

Jeff has been instrumental in the successful integration of the Wilmslow practice through servicing key clients whilst managing the internal infrastructure in terms of IT, communications and reporting. Jeff’s IT and systems expertise allows the practice to operate a large payroll bureau with individual payrolls in excess of 200 employee’s. The requirements of real time information and auto-enrolment are providing further opportunities for this service to excel.

Fitness is high on Jeff’s priorities and he achieves this with regular running and mountain marathon weekends. Jeff has recently taken up golf and has shown his keen eye for sport by achieving a handicap of 12 in a very short space of time.