The history of our firm can be traced back as far as the 1920’s when Norman Afford set up his practice at District Bank House in the centre of Nantwich. He went into partnership with Charles Fenton Earnshaw in the late 1940’s when the firm became known as Afford and Earnshaw.

Victor Cecil Bond started his own firm in 1941 in Whitchurch and by 1951 had relocated to Eddleston Road, Crewe. In 1959 his son, Michael joined as a partner and the firm became known as V C Bond & Co.

In January 1967 the two firms merged and continued under separate names until the firms moved into our current premises at 31 Wellington Road in July 1973, when the firm became known as Afford Bond & Co.

The building was initially extended by the addition of a north wing, with the practice being further extended by the addition of a south wing that was competed in the early 1980’s.

In 2009 the practice acquired Phibbs Edge in Wilmslow in order to gain a presence in the South Manchester area, which consolidated Afford Bond’s position as one of the leading independent practices in the North West.

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