Capital allowances

Specialist commercial property expertise

In the current property market, every pound is vital to your profit margins and overall success. You don’t want to be paying more tax than you have to.

We help advise clients on commercial property matters, ensuring they claim the maximum tax relief, or ‘Capital Allowances’, they are entitled to.

We have proven experience and we constantly monitor the latest developments in government strategy and legislation. We can help you find your way safely through the minefield of Capital Allowances for commercial property and make sure you don’t lose out.

Detailed support

An important issue that we cover is ‘eligible embedded capital expenditure’ – something which can often be overlooked. Examples of assets that qualify for tax relief in this category include air conditioning equipment, electrical installations, sanitary ware and many other items.

We’ll work with specialist chartered surveyors to ensure all such costs are identified and, where valid, Capital Allowances claims are made to HMRC.

How we’ve helped

One of our commercial property investor clients has a property portfolio worth in excess of £20 million. Further to the completion of a capital allowances report by our specialist chartered surveyor, we’ve managed to reduce their tax bill on average by circa £64,000.

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