Corporate finance

Corporate finance

Requirements for corporate finance advice can be varied but you can be safe in the knowledge that when needed, Afford Bond, are well equipped to deliver.

We advise business owners, management teams and investors on all aspects of corporate finance - not only in the Cheshire area but nationwide, too. In terms of raising capital, we are able to advise on projected requirements and appropriate corporate funding and have excellent contacts with banks and finance brokers to ensure a seamless process to corporate finance success. 

Corporate restructuring may be led by a need to become more tax efficient, a requirement for protection of assets or potential future disposal and can be very complex in its nature - as can share and business valuations. Through our engagement partners and senior tax team based at our Afford Bond Nantwich office, we are well placed to offer rounded advice considering all available options.  

The eventual exit from your business may take many forms, all of which are likely to bring stress and strain as this is a major step when the time arrives. We have years of experience in advising clients on corporate finance and business sales, along with working with family businesses in defining succession plans and estate planning. For such a major future event you should plan to be with an expert corporate finance advisor every step of the way - one you know and trust can deliver strong corporate finance advice.  We can also guide you through due diligence and transactional services, as well as management buy-outs and management buy-ins. And business acquisitions, mergers and disposals.

We have a reputation for straight-talking and smart corporate finance advice in Cheshire. Afford Bond Chartered Accountants have corporate finance offices in Nantwich and Wilmslow – our key competences are accounts, audit, taxation, payroll and corporate finance and we see constant overlap in the delivery of these services demonstrating the need for qualified and experienced advisors. for further information.