Cheshire Payroll Experts


You will expect your outsourcing partner to be approachable, accessible, flexible and excellent value for money. These are all key aspects we have addressed when structuring our Cheshire payroll teams.

Take Control of your Payroll

At Afford Bond we have been providing a fully managed payroll service for over 40 years. Clients of every size from small startups through to medium and large-sized businesses use our service.

We currently run the payrolls for over 500 clients. In doing so we produce over 100,000 payslips and pay £65 million a year through the BACS system to our clients.

Why do so many clients trust us to run their payroll for them? Because payroll is far from simple, in fact it is very complex. Our clients want to make sure they are paying their people the right amount at the right time and forget about constantly changing payroll legislation. They want to partner with a team that allows them to relax and make sure all things “payroll” are dealt with properly without them having to get involved in deadlines, auto-enrolment, submissions and distributing payslips.

Payroll has changed beyond recognition in the last few years and continues to evolve at a very rapid pace. The costs of employing a skilled and up to date payroller, if you can find one, and equipping them with the tools and software to do the job are high and continue to rise. The risks and consequences both in terms of penalties from HMRC and the damage to staff confidence when it goes wrong are also on the increase.

So why not free up your time and take away the stress, confusion and hassle of running your payroll in house? To explore how we can help please contact Lis Fisher on 01270 623731 who will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote.