Wealth planning

Wealth planning

Successful entrepreneurs and SME's need strong wealth planning advisors and chartered accountants. As everyone's financial needs are different, we work closely with our clients to provide a bespoke service. Together with our hand-picked independent financial advisors, we have the skills to deliver wealth planning expertise across all market sectors

So what is wealth planning? Expert wealth planning is the art of structuring your wealth, whilst building it, preserving it and (usually) preparing to transfer it to the next generation in the most tax optimised way. This takes expert and careful wealth planning.  

Our Cheshire wealth planning service is not simply facilitating regulated products, but means working closely with clients to ensure the advice we give is tailored carefully to the strategic direction of your business. Properly executed, wealth planning will ensure you don't run out of money in an untimely fashion! Expert wealth planning is a mixture of tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning, and relates to your total wealth value.  It's also vital you take it into consideration any significant events which occur in your personal or business life and make changes accordingly.

Sophisticated wealth planning services are becoming ever more important in this rapidly changing world.  Wealthy families have become more dispersed over recent decades and often children, or other family members live, study or marry in different countries - and most countries have differing jurisdictions to the UK - with different tax rules. There are also a growing number of divorces and second or even third, families, and the following generations often have an entirely different view on the wealth generated by the previous generations.  It can be a complicated area without expererienced and professional wealth planning advice.

Add to this a turbulent economy and significant changes to pension regulations and IHT, and the need for a close knit team of professional advisors and chartered accountants is paramount. Our Cheshire wealth planning team are able to adapt and move with these changes to achieve the best position for your long term wealth. We work as a team of expert wealth planners in making key decisions and reviewing performance against expectations at regular intervals.  For an informal chat about wealth planning in please call Paul Edwards at our Nantwich Accountants office on 01270 623731 or complete the Contact Form here on our website.

Cheshire's leading tax accountants, Afford Bond have offices in Nantwich and Wilmslow.  Our key competences are wealth planning, accounts, audit, taxation, payroll and corporate finance and we see constant overlap in the delivery of these services, demonstrating the need for qualified and experienced advisors.