Tax Investigations and Enquiries

Jul 3, 2017

Before individuals or businesses are selected for a tax enquiry, HMRC will have collated what they believe is relevant information. However, frequently we have noticed that although the information gathered may be accurate, the interpretation by the inspector dealing with the tax enquiry is flawed. Our first step is therefore to always start at the beginning and methodically trace the inspectors assertions and evidence that have led to the initial contact. It’s important not to assume that HMRC are always right. 


In addition to this, it’s important to understand what type of tax enquiry you are subject to as the differences in how they are conducted and how an individual should interact with HMRC can vary enormously . If handled badly, or unprofessionally, a tax investigation can be unbearable and the manner in which they are handled can hugely affect the amount of tax due and the penalties charged.  The main areas we see are:


– self assessment tax return check

– company tax return check

– pay as you earn inspection

– VAT inspection


Sometimes, people inadvertently make mistakes on their tax forms to HMRC and it can be just an innocent error. Regardless of the type of tax enquiry or VAT investigation, it’s advisable to seek out professional, expert advice. For a no obligation chat or meeting, contact Chris Monks at our Wilmslow Accountants office using the contact form on our website.

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